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Meet Your Community Assistants

At the Villas there are Community Assistants (CAs) and other staff members who live on site. Get to know them and discover all the great things going on at the Villas and Isla Vista area. Having roommate issues? Your CA can help you forge a roommate agreement. Lock yourself out after the Trop office is closed? Call the CA On Duty phone for a lock-out key. Noisy neighbors? Your CA can mediate. CAs also host fun recreational and educational events to help you meet your neighbors. Say “hi!” when you see them around!

Odalys Callejas

Hi everyone! My name is Odalys and my pronouns are she/her. I am a fourth-year student in the Earth Science department at UCSB. I love studying minerals, rocks, and the formation of continental crust. Outside of science, I enjoy hiking, skincare, arts and crafts, and volunteering. I am also passionate about mentorship and helping people feel happy, safe, and validated. I am very excited to meet you all and learn from you too!