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How to Apply

It’s easy to apply online!

Just register at MyTropAccount and you will be guided through the online Application and Contract process. There is a non-refundable application & processing fee. After you complete the Application, please proceed to the Lease Contract Step to secure your housing. If you’ve already registered, just go directly to MyTropAccount to log in.

To live at the Villas you need to have completed 12 college credits or be at least 20 years old by contract start date.(Advanced Placement units accepted, transcripts will be required). You will also need a guarantor or co-signer on your lease who is at least 25 years old.

Questions? Please call us at (805) 968-4319 or email and we will help guide you through the process.

Ready to start? Click on the “Apply Now” button and reserve your space today!

By-the-Bed Lease

With a By-the-Bed Lease, you’re responsible for you and only you on the lease contract. You are signing up for a bed space, not signing up for a specific apartment. If one of your roommates leaves, you are not responsible for them (they are responsible for their own contract). We may assign a new roommate to take their place.

What You’ll Need to Complete a By-the-Bed Lease
To complete a By-the Bed lease you’ll be asked for electronic initials and signatures. After signing and submitting your initial payments (payment due upon signing, security deposit and VSO fee), you will receive a confirmation email in 3-5 business days and gain access to the roommate matching portal.

Joint & Several Leases

With a Joint & Several Lease you and your roommate(s) are responsible for the lease together and separately. You are leasing as a group, as well as individually. You are responsible for getting your own roommates. If your roommate leaves, you will still be responsible for the entire contract. The amount will not be prorated for your “share.” If we don’t receive a full monthly payment, we will bill ALL parties on the contract, including all guarantors.

Joint & Several leases are 10 months. If there is a mixed gender apartment OR an apartment that houses non-students, the lease must be “Joint & Several.” There is a slight discount for Joint & Several leases.

What You’ll Need to Complete a Joint & Several Lease
If you have a group of friends already, you can sign a Joint & Several lease for an entire apartment. For Joint & Several contracts, choose one person to be the Primary Lease Holder. During the online contract phase, the Primary Lease Holder will add all the names of the apartment-mates. Each individual and his/her guarantor (co-signer) must register and proceed through the online contract process. However, only the Primary Lease Holder will make the initial payment, security deposit and VSO fee.

Each person on the Joint & Several lease will be asked for electronic initials and signatures. After all apartment-mates have signed a lease and the Primary Lease Holder has submitted the initial payments, you will receive a confirmation email in 3-5 business days.

Please note that Joint & Several leases do not complete the Roommate Matching and Room Selection processes, as residents sign this lease type together. The Primary Lease holder for each Joint & Several group will be notified to contact our Leasing Department with apartment preferences to be used for placement.