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Author: Sienna Jackson

I Never Thought I Would Make Friends!


Today is the day! It’s move in day at Tropicana and I have no Idea why I’m so nervous about meeting new people. It’s funny because I was looking at the big line of new students at SBCC and I was trying to see if maybe I could guess who my roommate was going to be , so I made a game to ease my nerves.I picked out this one girl who looked shy but nice and sweet. Now I’m checked in ,ready to move all my stuff from the car to my room. After all my stuff was packed someone walks into bedroom C , and guess what! It was the girl who I thought was going to be my roommate! I was so happy and excited so I have her a big hug and her name was Marlana.


Marlana was now my Best Friend in a matter of 3 hours. All of my butterflies were gone and I was excited about starting school. I was excited about starting a new life 5 hours away from home (I’m from Sacramento) by myself. Lucky for me Marlana has been talking to someone who goes to SBCC and was going to the ice cream social and I decided to go along. I met two more people named Amira and Jess and they were so nice to me and I was excited to hang out with them and get to know them and just become my new family down the road. All in all I learned you can’t go to college and not make friends. There are just too many people who are social butterflies and love to hang out and go to parties. So get out of your comfort zone and make some friends. 🙂